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Where does the Chess Challenge program take place?

We provide our program in Public and Public Charter schools as well as non-profit youth organizations throughout Washington, DC.

Does my child need to know anything about chess to participate?

No. Our curriculum is flexibly designed to accommodate beginners and also players who have experience with the game.

Does it cost anything to participate?

No. The cost of the program and the take-home chess sets supplied to all participants is supported by CC in DC, and in some cases by the participating school or organization.

What will kids learn in the program?

The Chess Challenge curriculum uses chess as a learning tool to increase academic achievement. Our specially designed curriculum is literacy-based, using chess as a vehicle for improving reading, writing, speaking, thinking and listening skills. Additionally, the goal of this curriculum is for students to transfer fundamental chess principles to their lives, such as good decision-making, goal setting, and accountability for one’s actions.

What kind of credentials do the program's coaches have?

Our coaches are all devoted chess players. Each one has a background in teaching or youth development. Every coach receives ongoing training on our specialized curriculum. All Chess Challenge coaches undergo a rigorous interview and background check.

How long are the programs?

Typically programs meet twice a week for one-and-half hours after school or on the weekend. Our curriculum is designed for a full academic year. We also offer summer programs.

Are there competitions?

Children can choose to participate in weekend chess tournaments, where all CC in DC participants compete.

Which schools currently offer the program?