Relevant Articles & Studies

On the black and white battlefield with the world’s greatest female chess player. Is chess a “man’s” game? Judit Polgar doesn’t think so.

The Effect of Chess on Reading Scores- This study discusses the positive academic outcomes that chess had on a group of New York City students.

Academic Value of Non-Academics.  An interesting article about the value of extracurriculars and why school systems need to keep them.

Clubs – Club Participation, Why Participation is Expected to Benefit Youth, Benefits of Participation in Clubs.  Another article about the benefit of participation outside of the classroom. setting.

You call this an ‘education election’?  From the Washington Post, an article about the “real’ results of the National Assessment of Education Progress.

Report Virginia, Maryland and DC have some of the nations highest gaps by income level in reading proficiency.  Another Washington Post article about education in the Nation’s capital.

Children from poor families lag in cognitive development and other areas, report says.  From the Washington Post, describing the findings of a study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation on poverty and education.